alpha Kappa Delta Phi is the largest international Asian-interest sorority with more than 55 chapters located at numerous universities across the United States and in Canada. Thousands of undergraduate and alumnae sisters support the rapidly growing network of strong and successful women in the organization. alpha Kappa Delta Phi is part of the National APIA Panhellenic Association (NAPA), which it helped charter in 2006.​

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alpha Kappa Delta Phi was established at the University of California at Berkeley in the fall of 1989, and recognized by the College Panhellenic Association on February 7, 1990. The fourteen founding sisters: Betty Chu, Karin Co, Susan Kim, Nancy Lee, Sherri Leung, Annie Loo, Belinda Ma, Anita Ng, Serene Ngin, Fannie Pon, Josie Sun, Daisy Wu, Jill Yoshimura, and Reina Yuan, dedicated themselves to establishing a strong and lasting organization, which would provide Asian American women the opportunity to participate in the Greek system. Soon after being recognized by the College Panhellenic Association, the founding sisters brought together a diverse group of women who shared with them the goals of sisterhood, scholarship, and leadership. These ideals were to later set the foundation for alpha Kappa Delta Phi's purpose.


The love and generosity that each member had for the organization was instrumental to the growth of alpha Kappa Delta Phi's reputation as a sorority, as well as to the forging of unbreakable friendships. The sisterhood has since then spread to prominent university campuses across the country. To meet the needs of the growing sisterhood, the National Board of alpha Kappa Delta Phi was established in May of 1993 at the National Convention in Santa Barbara, California.


It is the sincere wish of the founding sisters that alpha Kappa Delta Phi continue to promote Asian Awareness in the community and leadership for women by providing each woman with the resources, unique sisterly support and understanding to achieve her goals in life.


To continue the sisterhood after graduation, the National Alumnae Board of alpha Kappa Delta Phi was established in the Fall of 2002 under the initiation of the National Board Alumnae Chair, Sophia Yen, UC Berkeley alumna. The 2002-2003 National Alumnae Board then set the foundation for the establishment of the National Alumnae Association.




In the Fall of 2002, Yvonne Truong had a goal of trying to form an outspoken and active Asian-interest sorority on Purdue University's, West Lafayette campus. Soon after, Valaipetch Pear-Aivey Street, Frances Dao, Nana Lee, Kimberly Pulmano, Diana Chavez, Venus Tse Weithaeuser, Theresa Hartsfield, Jennifer Wang Yu, Andreal Wu, and Angel Zhang joined Yvonne Truong in her mission. It then became a reality that these girls also shared the same aspirations in bringing such an organization to the campus. On November 11th 2002, they officially initiated the interst group, A.S.I.A.; Asian Sorority Interest Association.



alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sorority, Inc. fosters the making of successful leaders by assisting and challenging our members to reach their maximum potential. We strive to maintain the highest levels of integrity and innovation in the promotion of sisterhood, philanthropy, scholastic excellence, and Asian-Awareness in the community while creating lifelong relationships.


alpha Kappa Delta Phi Inc. will be the most respected, premier network of innovative female leaders within the community by:

  • Encouraging the growth of our members through cultural diversity and the expression of individuality;

  • Empowering our members to become pioneers for philanthropic, cultural, and scholastic programs worldwide;

  • Developing strategic collaborations and partnerships; and

  • Supporting initiatives promoting the sustainability of our organization and its mission.



alpha Kappa Delta Phi’s national philanthropy is Breast Cancer Awareness. While we spend the entire year working on our efforts to do service, raise funds, and give back, October is national Breast Cancer Awareness month, and during this month, our sisters nationwide make sure to dedicate at least one Service event to Breast Cancer Awareness.


The mission of alpha Kappa Delta Phi's Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign is three-fold:

  1. To raise funds on a national level to contribute to a non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating breast cancer

  2. To dedicate at least one Service Event per chapter/colony to Breast Cancer Awareness in October

  3. To develop a comprehensive page on our national website that provides links to breast cancer resources


In 1998, alpha Kappa Delta Phi launched its first-ever National Service project. Through our 22 chapter effort, we dedicated the year of 1998-99 to Breast Cancer Awareness by educating ourselves, our college campuses, and our communities. Through the efforts of our active sisters and alumnae, we have raised over $250,000 throughout the years for breast cancer research. In addition to raising funds, awareness is spread on all our campus communities through service projects, workshops, informational booths, or forums.

Our Pillars




Sisterhood is the essence that exists at the core of everything, we, as sisters, do. Nothing can compare to the experiences, the laughter and the bond that we all share as sisters. Each sister of alpha Kappa Delta Phi is unique, yet we all share the same goal towards eternal friendship.


We highly value academics. We strive to achieve and maintain academic excellence. aKDPhi offers a breadth of academic and career resources for sisters, such as study groups, tutoring and mentorship, and study banks. Our alumnae offer job connections, advice, as well as scholarships for our active sisters. 


We aim to cultivate women to become young leaders. aKDPhi provides a variety of leadership opportunities, with sisters becoming leaders in the Multicultural Greek Council, Asian Student Union Board, and most importantly, within our own organization.


We place an emphasis on Asian culture. As an Asian-interest, but not Asian-exclusive, organization, we strive to promote Asian awareness in the community and educate others about our culture. We often co-host events with the Asian American Cultural Resource Center as well as other affiliated organizations. We host numerous workshops regarding Asian Culture and Asian Awareness. 


alpha Kappa Delta phi proudly promotes our National Philanthropy as Breast Cancer Awareness, Research, and Patient Care. A project which is dedicated to increase public knowledge and early detection of Breast Cancer. Sisters help raise money for breast cancer awareness through fundraisers! Nationwide, we have raised over $250,000 thought the years for breast cancer research.